Drainage systems for roofs and terraces

Water damage to and in buildings always means significant labour and high costs. Intense downpours can cause large amounts of precipitation to accumulate on roofs and terraces within a very short time. It is not always possible to channel large volumes of water promptly and safely through the surface layer and into the sewer system.

In order to prevent damage to living spaces and buildings, drainage channels must be installed in the threshold area with low water level heights, in accordance with standard SIA 271. The function of these drainage channels is to drain excess rainwater quickly and safely away from the danger area (threshold connection).

You’re in safe hands with our Soba drainage systems, tried and tested over decades of practical use.

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Custom-made products

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Custom-made products

There are hardly any limits to architecture these days. Buildings are becoming increasingly complex and terraces are developing more and more into an additional living space. We can manufacture products to meet design specifications as unique as your architecture.

Whether in special sizes, special patterns or even to match the colour of the gutters, we can make products according to your specific wishes and will be happy to advise.

Just send us your enquiry: m.mosimann@soba-inter.com

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