Drainage channels, grating and shafts

Soba stainless steel drainage channels are suitable for walkable surfaces on terraces and roofs and are available in various widths and heights.

The lower parts have with plug-in profiles and are attached to each other to form the desired length. The fine perforation on the sides ensures evenly regulated water drainage. The matching Soba drainage grating made of stainless steel or galvanised steel is simply inserted into the lateral supports of the channel. Different hole patterns create the desired look and can be adapted to your personal design requirements with your own pattern or logo. Superbly designed channels and profiles for your building project or special dimensions are available from us within a few working days! The Soba drainage system is supplemented with precisely fitting drainage shafts, angle pieces and end bases. Stainless steel drainage shafts can be modularly extended to any desired height with additional extension frames.

Overview of channels, grating and shafts

Various standard sizes are available for the different areas of application.

Drainage range

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