Gravel and grit bracket for drainage

Soba gravel brackets boast an aesthetically beautiful design. Thanks to the fine slotted holes, the gravel brackets can be used with gravel and grit. Tried-and-tested Soba gravel brackets demarcate the different surface and protective layers on roofs and terraces, ensuring safe drainage at all times.

Overview of gravel and grit bracket

Various standard sizes are available for different areas of application

Mounting gravel brackets

  • For installation, specially developed gravel bracket holders are fixed to the polymer sealing sheet with adhesive.
  • The roof cladding is not perforated and the gravel bracket holders do not have to be embedded.
  • The gravel brackets are simply attached by hand to the holder tabs.
  • In the case of butt joints, care must be taken to ensure that gravel brackets are not butted together tightly so that any expansion is absorbed.
  • The distances between the gravel bracket holders will depend on the specific surface and protective layers. We will be happy to advise on this.

Drainage range

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