Our environmentally friendly solution for metal roofs and metal façades

Fural metal roofing, originally invented by Swiss architect Josef Furrer, remains utterly innovative more than 70 years later.

This type of roof lasts almost indefinitely thanks to its unique design, without directly fastening to the substructure. The proof of this is the numerous buildings from the 1950s that are still withstanding extreme weather conditions high in the mountains and in windy valleys. None of these roofs have yet had to be upgraded due to material fatigue.


The appealing, light and contemporary look of the design and the sophisticated structure meet the visual aesthetic of modern architecture. The supple Fural strip does not require a specific roof or façade shape. In addition, all roof superstructures, such as lucarnes and dormers, and any roof penetrations such as outlet vents or chimney pipes can be easily accommodated with the necessary metalworking expertise. Fural's simple design allows for easy, clean and quick installation.

How you benefit


depending on the material, only approx. 4 kg/m2

Free expansion

in all directions


and does not require a closed substructure


Can be dismantled and reassembled without damage


Comes in different materials


Does not require a specific roof shape

Requires little maintenance

Robust and sustainable


Almost infinitely durable and retains its value

Fural – the ingenious system for roofs and façades

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Fural roofs and façades: made in Switzerland, used worldwide. Take a look at our portfolio of projects and get in touch with us.

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