Fural strips for roofs and façades

Fural strips are delivered rolled up. To install them, they are simply rolled over the pre-assembled profiles on site and clicked into place. The ingenious thing about this is that is nothing needs to be fastened directly to the entire roof cladding, so the material is free to expand in all directions.


Due to the simple unrolling of the Fural roofing, existing Fural roofs are easy to dismantle and recycle. There’s no need for the laborious removal or special disposal of extraneous substances. This means that Fural roofs can be 100% recycled.


Due to its very low density (4 kg/m2) and high load-bearing capacity, aluminium makes the ideal building material. A bare 0.7 mm thick aluminium sheet is used for Fural roofing as standard. On request, the roof can also be produced with different colour coatings. Besides aluminium, a copper-titanium-zinc version is also available, so modern architectural design is not restricted in any way.

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