An ideal project partner for individual elastomer solutions.

Our specialist expertise extends over decades of experience in elastomers. This has given us a solid basis for the many successful joint projects we have worked on, especially in developing and manufacturing bespoke elastomer solutions for a wide range of industries.

We work with our partners in shaping the future of elastomers and multilayer films. Our products benefit from compelling quality, precision, and innovation, whichever industry you come from. You also benefit from our expertise in successfully implementing your projects together with us.

Our core competencies

Multilayer films

Complex films using coating, interlayers, and heterogeneous materials.

Thin films

Film thicknesses up to 0.20 mm are possible for maximum precision and light weight.

Rubber-metal bonds

High-quality rubber-metal bonds capable of withstanding extreme loads.

Fast delivery times

Efficient production processes for uncompromising quality and delivery as fast as possible.

Small series

Cost-effective and flexible solutions for projects and small series.

Extentsive procuct range

Individual rubber compounds or standard compounds for every application.

Examples of elastomer solutions

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