Fugenband RedLINE

RedLINE is the classic joint tape made of high-quality elastomer for bridging expansion joints between building components. Due to the conventional installation method with hot liquid bitumen, this joint sealing system offers quick and safe installation.

In this case, the lateral adhesive flanges are poured directly onto the bituminous sealant with hot bitumen. Depending on the installation scenario, they can also be bonded directly to the substrate with epoxy resin adhesive or liquid plastic.

The expansion zone without fleece lamination serves to absorb movement and is positioned centrally along the joint.

Different tape types are available depending on the expected joint movement.

How you benefit


Flexible part above the expansion joint


Absorption of cyclic (3D movements) up to 240 mm


The geometric course of the joint can be reproduced with a monolythic structure


No weak points at the connections due to vulcanisation


Heat-resistant over the long term


Remains flexible at very low temperatures

Reinforced connection

Flanges with integrated fleece for integration with melting bitumen, epoxy resin or other liquid substances (e.g. PMMA)

High resistance

Good resistance to a wide range of chemicals

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