The safe and fast way to seal roof penetration points

All roof penetrations such as outlet vents (also called line vents), vent systems, anchorage points, railings, etc. must be permanently sealed.

The choice of sealing materials used is of key importance. In addition to price and quality, however, simple and safe installation is now an increasingly important consideration.

Our sealing collars are made of high-quality synthetic rubber. Two different elastomers are used to meet the respective requirements. The pipe section, which is permanently exposed to the elements, is made of weather-resistant EPDM rubber. The flange part, by contrast, is made of a rubber optimised for integration into the sealing system and ensures a lasting force-fit connection with the sealing material.

We use different materials to ensure that they are optimally matched to the respective requirements.

How you benefit

Quick assembly

Our sealing collars are simply pulled over roof penetrations.

Easy to use

Flame-seal, finish and you're done.


Cheaper than previous sheet metal sealing systems

Long service life

Thanks to high-quality synthetic rubbers


Developed and produced in house

Sealing collar range

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Simple and straightforward assembly

The sealing collars are simply pulled over penetrations to be sealed. The tight fit without any cavities means that no condensation forms, which could lead to damp spots in the long term. The flange part is flame-flashed into the bituminous surface sealant in a force-fit sandwich design, making it permanently sealed. Depending on the type of penetration, the top is closed in a conventional way, such as with heat-shrinkable tubing, an outlet vent end cap or a ventilation cap.

Our promise to you

Tight collar

No condensate thanks to collar fitting snugly against the pipe

Force-fit connection

with the sealing sheeting

No shielding needed

Cheaper than previous sheet metal sealing systems

No damage

Vapour barrier is not damaged as there is no need for mechanical fastening


Pipe section made of weather-resistant EPDM

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