Our sealing solution for expansion joints

Our joint tapes have been used all over the world for decades to absorb joint movements, seal construction joints and connect and seal bitumen seals by force-fitting.

Building components are constantly exposed to extreme stresses, such as temperature fluctuations, earthquakes and other physical conditions. These affect the volume and composition of the materials used and the substance of the buildings and can cause fatigue or fractures with catastrophic consequences.
To avoid damage, it is necessary to think about the ongoing absorption of cyclic movements (3D movements) along the joints between separated building structures when sealing. At a structural level, the building envelope should, wherever possible, be protected with sustainable, high-quality solutions that offer long-lasting effect.
Soba FlamLINE, RedLINE and EpoLINE are joint tapes made of synthetic rubber. They are used to bridge three-dimensional joint movements in bitumen seals and between concrete components. Their most important product advantages are their low thickness, absolute flatness and high elasticity, with movement compensation of up to 240 mm.

How you benefit

Cost-effective installation

Thanks to prefabricated, precisely fitting expansion joint tapes

Ready-made systems

Tapes and moulded parts are supplied as ready-made systems


No costly substructures thanks to “sandwich installation”

High-quality bond

No shielding necessary due to high-quality bond with sealant

High resistance

Very high resistance to building vibrations (e.g. during earthquakes)

Flush installation

Without loops and beads


Follow any joint course without any problems

Highly elastic expansion zone

Made from special elastomers

Force-fit connections

on bitumen and with epoxy resin adhesive on concrete and metal, etc.

Special metal connectors

for connections to sheet metal work

Vulcanisation device

Individual tapes can be assembled on site with the specially developed vulcanisation device

Swiss quality

Developed and manufactured in Altdorf

Joint tape range

Swiss joint tape sealants

Past projects

Our joint tapes are used in impressive buildings such as hotel complexes, railway stations, embassies and other large buildings all over the world, from Gstaad to Vancouver to Dubai.

Useful information about our joint tapes