Soba expansion joints

The system for optimal movement compensation.

Whether in summer or winter, during the day or at night, temperature-related changes in the length of construction sheet metal such as angle plates, inlet plates, box and inlay gutters are happening all the time and occur in all climatic regions of the earth. To absorb these changes in length and compensate for the stresses in the metal, expansion joints, also known as movement compensation joints, are used to prevent damage to buildings.

An expansion joint is only as good as the flexible material used for it. We have developed a special elastic rubber compound for our expansion joints. The rubber-metal connection makes the product unique and guarantees a long service life.

Since their development, our expansion joints have been installed all over the world, in all climate zones, between exposed building components and in roof gutters.

How you benefit


Long-lasting safety and experience acquired over decades.


High-quality rubber-metal connection.


The right product for every area of application.

Wide range

Different expansion joints for many different areas of application.

From stock

Available from stock at short notice.

Expansion joint range

Different types of expansion joints are available for the different areas of application.

In which materials are the expansion joints available?

The variety of materials is huge these days. More and more new materials of different levels of quality are being used on our roofs. As such, our expansion joints are therefore made of all the common materials listed below and are available from stock.

  • Copper
  • Titanium Zinc
  • Titanium Zinc pre-weathered
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel (1.4301)
  • MattpluS
  • Uginox Patina 41 FTE
  • Uginox Top 304
  • Galvanised steel

Special designs:

Property-specific special designs in other materials and sheet thicknesses are also possible.
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