Sealing tapes for construction

An indispensable component in today’s construction industry.

Sealing tapes have come to play an essential role in today’s construction industry, serving as reliable sealants in window and door installation. Sealing tape plays a key part in insulating buildings from noise, dust, water, drafts, and other environmental influences. This is crucial in ensuring building structure preservation and integrity.

Raw materials such as rubber, silicone, and bitumen are used in manufacturing construction sealing tapes. Each material comes with specific properties suitable for its intended area of application. Our EPDM and BIIR sealing tapes are coated with release liners or backings on one or both sides. The tapes are vapour-permeable and perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor application.

Construction as a whole is subject to constant innovation, and sealing tapes are no exception. New materials and technologies are constantly being developed towards further improvement in efficiency and effectiveness in these products. Sealing tapes with even longer lifetimes and more effective resistance to environmental influences are a distinct possibility in the future.

Areas of application for sealing tapes

Window sealing tape

Window sealing tape insulates windows from air, water, and vapour indoors and outdoors.

Building wrap

Building wrap insulates joints in facades and building fronts from air, water, and vapour indoors and outdoors.

Wet rom sealing tapes

Waterproofing membranes ensure a secure, water-impermeable seal under ceramic coverings.

Product examples sealing tapes

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