EpoLINE joint tape

EpoLINE is a joint tape made of elastomer and is used to seal three-dimensional joint movements between dilating building parts. The resistant joint tape made of high-quality elastomer offers safe and highly efficient installation and ensures impermeability at all joint zones at building transitions.

The two lateral adhesive flanges are reinforced with a support and are directly connected to the subsurface with epoxy resin adhesive, using a force-fitting technique.

Multi-dimensional joint movements are easily accommodated with the support-free expansion zone. This is positioned centrally along the joint and forms the centre of the joint tape. It can accommodate joint movements of up to 30 mm.

How you benefit


Flexible part above the expansion joint


Absorption of cyclic (3D movements) up to 30 mm


The geometric course of the joint can be reproduced with a monolythic structure

Epoxy resin adhesive

Direct integration with epoxy resin adhesive


No weak points at the connections due to vulcanisation


Heat-resistant over the long term


Remains flexible at very low temperatures

High resistance

Good resistance to a wide range of chemicals (e.g. chlorinated water)


Integration into other sealing systems (PMMA, polyurea) basically possible

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