High quality elastomer films

Vulcanised rubber films for demanding industrial requirements.

Our first-class elastomer films are manufactured for specific industrial requirements. We use a variety of specialised blends and work closely with developers in selecting the optimal basic materials for each application. We use the results to create products in multi-layer composite films in different materials and a variety of fabric and non-woven coatings with compatible elastomers. We will also coat chemically resistant and slippery films with PEEK or PTFE on request.

Product features and specifications

Policies and properties

FDA compliant. Certified according to the new UBA drinking water guidelines. Fire protection certification. UL certification.


UV and ozone resistance. Oil and fuel resistance. Resistance to chemicals.


Thickness from 0.20 to 10 mm. Lengths from 5 up to 500 m rolled up on a cardboard core. Widths from 25 to 1,200 mm.

Surface finish

Glossy, matt, structured and coated on one or both sides.

Product examples elastomer films

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